Sound in Windows 98 under VMWare emulation

Windows 98 wasn't my first OS, but I really like it. It has great compatibility with old MS-DOS programs and run fast. Unfortunately, most of software written for Windows 98 can't run under modern Windows OS.

One of such software, that teached me to play on guitar with using some patterns and tricks, is "Guitar Hits Volume 1" and "Guitar Hits Volume 2" from Ubisoft. Windows 98 is last OS known to me that can run "Guitar Hits".

Last day I found CD-images for both "Guitar Hits" and decide to run it under VMWare emulation. I installed Windows 98 SE to virtual machine, installed VMWare Tools, run "Guitar Hits vol.1" disk and it runs. But unfortunately there was no sound at all. VMWare Tools for Windows 98 has only SVGA and mouse drivers, I also can't share host's folders with Windows 98 guest.

Very quickly I found this manual, but sound still doesn't appear. Next I found KB article for VMWare hardware compatibility. It turns out that first manual will work only with "Workstation 5.x" hardware compatibility.

So, for me next steps works fine to enable sound in Windows 98:

After rebooting, I heard the familiar sound of the Windows 98 launch, run "Guitar Hits vol.1" and played "Hey Joe" as in the good old days.

Happy playing! ;)

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